The @ohlrangers play Hamilton tonight at The Aud! Take the Rangers Express from Martini's at 6:45pm. Get your game tickets here -->

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Our Shepard's Pie is the perfect dish for a rainy day like this #powerlunch #rainyday #kwawesome 

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Congrats to Khindria! They have been chosen as our winner of the Osuna signed frame. Thanks to everyone who came out and shared in the memories with us, unitl next year :) #ourmoment

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Who's excited for game 5? We are! See you tonight for $5.50 tallboys of Budweiser after work at 4:08pm #ourmoment

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This could (but hopefully won't) be your last chance to #win a certified authentic signed Osuna frame with the purchase of a Labatt's product. Watch the game at 4pm here in Martini's! #ourmoment #kwawesome

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YES!!! Thanks for the pic, hope to see lots of people out here tonight for the do-or-die game at 8pm! #ALCS#ourmoment

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If you don't know, now you know! We'll see you at every game Jays fans #ALCS #kwawesome #ourmoment 

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You call yourself a fan? Then we'll see you tonight at 8:08pm for the first #ALCS game. Buy any Labatt's product to win a signed Osuna frame.

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Great turnout last night for @bartesian & special thanks to @dixons_spirits for donating their fantastic product to the event #kwawesome

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Celebrate our #German roots while @kw_oktoberfest is still on! We've got Beer Braised Beef Stuffed Onions on our powerlunch menu #kwawesome 

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